daisuki da yo ^^
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hi minna ^^ who's watching this dorama? i really like it so much.. and makes me envious of the scenes.. lolz. and specially.. coz mike he looks like kusano ne?

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hi minna!!!

hahaha... im still alive!
sorry if i'm not blogging anymore...

i've been "busy" with nothing hahaha.. lolz...

now im back.. maybe...

what to say here? hmmm...

YATTA!!! i finally got hired yesterday, with such a long and deadly process of screening us... im glad i survived!!!

on every step, i was so scared that i might get eliminated but im glad im accepted...

my work is directory assistance.. and whats not good is,,, the salary is so damn low... well, what should i expect? salary in this darn country is really not enough huhuhu... i wonder if i can still save money... but, i think its ok, at least i might lose a bit of my fats ne?

i want to save money... but everytime i see nice clothes... my money is in danger!!! hahhaha... yabai ne? lmao

SyLvia and Sky!!!!!!!!!! hmmm... sky and i discussed this already with each other but i dont know if she told SyLvia about this na, and its not decided either... hmmm.. just in case both of u read this,.... hahaha... i have a work now... lets save money then we'll go overseas together na... ^_^ ganbarimasshoi!!

anyways... my training will start on 2 November 2006 and i will be a zombie hahaha.. coz my sched is from 9pm - 6am... surprised? well... its ok since i prefer working on a graveyard shift, so i will have use of my insomnia hahahaha... im kinda excited with my work though... well, everyone is, when its their first time right?

ja... till next time ^^
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wah... gomen ne... im too lazy to blog now.. dunNo why...

haven't been on any forums lately too...

wahhh... whats happening to me...

i just watched Shonen Club.. im happy to see shoon's solo hehe..
im wondering where's hikaru gone? and i havent seen my Inoo-chan too... >_<

and aLso... im sorry for greeting my Inoo chan and Massu a BeLated Happy Bday ne..

ahhh... and when i Looked on Taiyo... hahaha... damn... he's really tall!! and i think he will Look Like Hayami Mocomichi when he grow old... They have a resemblance ne?

and one more thing... when we went to Tokyo Tower...
when we're on Roppongi St... there's a bunch of students jogging just around the shrine... and i saw a kid who really Looks Like Taiyo ^^^________^ he's as tall as him.. i think... and they have the same face... but... im not sure if its him.. coz he's not as skinny as taiyo... but he's also thin.. what do u think huh? hehehe... LMAO

ja... sore dake ^^
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damn life
hi minna..

im here in Japan now.
im staying at my friend's house in Ibaraki..
the weather here is ok... but colder than in my country..

i guess i cant say that im happy... although im here now..

Yes, one of my dreams is to go to Japan.. and now that im here, why cant i say that im happy?

i dont know... but i really understand myself well..

its because.. there's ALWAYS SOMETHING that holds my happinness away from me. its like im really not worth to experience happiness =c

im here now with the help of my aunty...but i dont know that it will also be the one to ruin my day.

i just stayed here for 1 day and problems are reaching me up to here. When i opened my email the day after i arrived here... my sis told me that my mom said i shouldnt spend all the money that has been given to me... coz the money for me to spend is only 50 k...

i have 100 here and i paid 30k for the airfare... and so i will have only 20 for my pocket money??? im not saying that i dont want it its just that i know that i will not survive with that amount here... and then they told me that my aunt was very furious coz i brought 70 k here... and she also said that mine was only 50..

in the first place.. before i go here.. i emailed her MANY TIMES asking her how much should be my pocket money.. but she didnt replied nor call.. then when im here already, i just knw that she was so mad and she'll not give me anymore... HELLO? i was asking her so i really dont know.. and im really not spending it unwisely... its just that expenses here ARE REALLY EXPENSIVE!!! why they cant understand that???

if i just knew that she was that backstabber, i shouldnt have went here.. i shouldve controlled myself so none of these stupid things will happen. NOw im so afraid to go back home.. i know i cant go back there with a smile, even a fake one. they'll surely kill me coz i used all my money already. i know i bought some cds but its just a few cds.

im really scared to go back home... i dont wanna see their faces ever!! especially my aunt's face... they told me here that she will talk to me right after i go back there. and what will she do? scold me to death? huhu... its not really my damn fault!! ok.. it
was my fault to ask her. now i learned my lesson..

now i dont know how to pay too.. coz i still dont have work. and that money is really so high. i cant pay that amount with a salary that will be coming from our damn country!!! i will die out of hardwork there but i still cant pay that amount!!!

I wanna leave that country and live by myself in a far away place where no one of them can see me!! i wanna live without them!! maybe thats the only way i can live peacefully...

Oh God, i really wish u didnt let me live... why dont u want me to be happy? am i really not worth it?
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2 weeks from now... one of my dreams will come true!!!
u know why?
coz at last~~~

日本 に いきます!!!!!

but too bad... i cant see tego nor kusano..
and i also cant go to Universal Studios

ほんと に さびしく な。。。。
i almost cried... coz i really wanna go to Universal Studios but my okane is not enough huuhu...

why is it so takai?
its 50,000 yen!!! and its package deal already... yet, i cant go..
coz my money is not enough huhuhuu....

now... im really not excited to go there na... just a bit ^_^

coz i still Love JAPAN no matter what hahahaha....

i will buy my Digicam there... at A - Ki - Ha - Ba - Ra!!!!

yes!! hahaha... i can see the maid cafe too!!!! yey!!!

tanoshimi ni!!!
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