daisuki da yo ^^
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hi minna ^^ who's watching this dorama? i really like it so much.. and makes me envious of the scenes.. lolz. and specially.. coz mike he looks like kusano ne?

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7 Things
7 Things about ME!!

7 things that scare the hell outta me
1. Losing all my Loved ones.
2. war... when someone's fighting infront of me
3. earthquakes
4. being bullied
5. beilng Lost
6. peopLe.
7. when i have no okane.. hehe

7 things/people I love most
1. Tegoshi , Kusano and Inoo
2. anime!!!
3. Johnny's Boys hahaha..
5. mah friends
7. mah famiLy including my pets

7 important stuff in my room
1. my JE stuffs
2. my anime stuffs
3. my
4. eakon desu ^^
5. my bed and pillows
7. food!!!

7 random facts about me...
1. im a very very slow person
2. i have no sense of direction and my friends and even my family is blaming me becoz of that
3. i'm an anime freak
4. i Tegoshi, Kusano and Inoo and all JE..
5. i think Like a .. hehe
6. i hate studying.
7. i Like to go and Live in someday

7 things I plan to do before i kick the bucket..
1. I will go to
2. I will meet Tego and Kusano and Inoo as i promised.. haha
3. I will travel around the worLd.
4. I will have many business
5. I want to marry Tego or Kusano..
6. I want to marry before i reach 26.
7. I want to hug Massu!!! and play marathon with him!! haha.
*dont kill me Fin huh? i have no silly intentions against him!! its just that he looks like a big big bear to me and i want to have a marathon with him coz i like running so much hehe..

7 things that I can do.
1. i can imagine that im with Tego and Kusano and inoo other JE
2. i can imagine that im an anime... ^^
3. i can eat ALOT!!
4. i can save money and not eat just to buy what i want
5. i can get what i want *but i have to sacrifice something*
6. i can go to the mall by myself.
7. i can be so silent and not talk the whole day

7 things I can't do
1. i cant exercise
2. cant cook
3. cant clean my room haha
4. cant study seriously
5. cant control spending money
6. cant control my habit of eating so many ><
7. cant live without money hahaha

7 things I say the most
1. eeehhhhhhhhhh???
2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
3. hara heta!!!
4. i need tego/ kusano/ inoo
5. tsukareta
6. oi!!
7. say aho/ baka/ damn u to linz... Linz... haha

7 celeb crushes
1. Tegoshi, Kusano, Inoo
2. Masuda Takahisa
3. Shoon Yamashita
4. Ryo
5. Bo Lin Chen
6. Edison Chen
7. Some JE Boys... haha

7 People who have to do this
1. Aura
2. Kirinia
3. Steph
4. CamiLa
5. Pou
6. Sonya
7. Linz!!! do this again!!! hahaha..

ahhhhhhh.... owatta!!! Linz!! u baka! damn u!!! im so so tired now... huhuhu... i cant think anymore!!!

waahhhhhhhhhh... i have my first exam tomorrow in Special Topics!
i still havent touched any books... oh... Yuya, Kusano, Inoo, give me the inspiration!! hahha..

i'll study later... i hope i can... huhu.. anyways.. the exam for tomorrow is just essay... hopefully


P.S, thanx SyLvia for helping me with these hehee...

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- resha

Author:- resha
weLcome to my bLog ^^


手越 と 草野 と 伊野尾 が だいすき です。
二ッポン も だいすき。
アニメ も。