daisuki da yo ^^
【--/--/-- --:--】 | スポンサー広告
errrrr... this rumour is fastly spreading na... i hate it!!
especially becoz this rumour is about Kusano!!!
God damn it!!! dont they have nothing else to do but to ruin a hardworking artist's life? and just invent a non-sense story like that? poor kusano... his bday is in a few days na and this is what he receives?

im already depressed with the results of my exams... and this one adds up too... huhuhuh,..

pls pray for kusano and for my grades too... onegaishimasu..

ja... thanx


ok... now im scared... very very scared...
im here at school and i've read about this shocking NEWS!!!
i became teary-eyed at once huhuhu.... this is too much...
ive read that he voluntarily pulled himself out of activities na... which will make NEWS only have 6 members now...

if he really drinks, ok.. fine.. but... its not only him who did this ne? he's not the only Underaged person in Japan to drink alcohol... and he's just famous so media wants to ruin his life just for them to have a article... and so people will buy their rubbish magazine... i know this incident is almost the same as what happened to uchi...
hah... for goodness sake!!! pls dont make this issue bigger!!! i know underage drinking is strictly prohibited... but why make that kind of news in a newspaper and looks like it is really a headline already...

im scared to open up forums now... coz... everyday, or every hour, there's this news thats getting worse and worse... im so afraid to not see kusano... im so depressed...
i dont know what to do anymore...
now im confused again.. why is it that everytime i pray, He always do the exact opposite of what i am asking...
it always happens.. not even once...
God, pls dont do this... pls help him... ><
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Happy Chinese New Year!!
so how's minna's New Yr?
did all of u received many hong baos? hahaha...
as for me... we just ate tikoys... my favorite hahahha...
whats the other term for that again? i forgot na hahahhaa..
now... my hong bao disappeared already huhuhuh
coz i use it to buy my dvd writer... uwahh.. nothing's left ><

anyways... im here also.... to say that im so happy that finally KATTUN will debut!!! on march!! uhuhuhu.... Omedetou na!!! The moment we've all been waiting for!!! and they gonna release a cd na... i'll definitely buy it!!!
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Tatta Hitotsu No Takaramon
Image hosting by Photobucket

hahh... i cried watching this story so much... good thing i watched it at night time so the lights are off and minna's sleeping already so no one saw me hahaha...

The story is about a couple who had a simple life, and gave birth to a child who has a down syndrome + heart problem + hypertension... To make it short, the child will not live for so long.

the story revolves on how they took care of the child... the memories of taking care of him, etc... This is really very touching

Image hosting by Photobucket" />
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Ocean Adventure
uwaaahhh... we went to Ocean Adventure this morning!!!
ureshii na!!! i saw the sea lion performance uhuhuhu... i LOVE THEM!!! theyre so kawaii!!! and the place looks like Underwater world in singapore too... and the show show, except that the one i saw on Singapore is the dolphin show, but here, i saw the Sea Lion Show... GOSH... how i missed the moments i was in Singapore with Sky and Sylvia =c...

uwahh... gomen.. im too tired to post na.. >< i wish there was no classes tomorrow.. but... huhuhuhuhuhu... i should not absent anymore!!!

anyways... i just noticed one thing.... im confused why there's so many koreans here nowadays... hahaha... seems like this is korea na... coz really... as in... ALL OF THEM is here... i wish Japanese too hahaha... everywhere i look... there's a korean... my day is not finished without seeing one hahaha...
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Tegoshi going to Waseda
uwah... so glad that i found out about this news hahaha...

• Tegoshi Yuya (18), a member of popular Johnny\'s boy band News, has passed the entrance examination for the prestigious Waseda University. he announced the good news at a PR event for his first movie lead role in \"Shissou\". Tegoshi is one of eight Johnny\'s stars to get into university, and the second to enter Waseda. He said he hopes to be able to play for the school\'s soccer club.

yey... hahaha... and have read that his course on this school will be information science? mixed of information technology + comp sci.... hahhhh... i feel so proud for u tego!! ganbatte ne?

credits to http://www.japan-zone.com/news/index.shtml for the article ^_____________________^

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
here\'s the cookie that my friend gave me for xmas present.. i took a pic of it coz it looks good.. too bad i have to eat it ><

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
and here are the sasuke keychains that i received from our exchanged gift hehehehe.... gomen if the pics arent clear coz i only use my cel to take a photo of it ^^
Ja ne ^_^
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SC 18日 01月 2006年
この エピソド の テマ わ BOYS BE AMBITIOUS です そして 今日 の プロヅシエル わ 草野 くん でした!!

よかった です よ!!! I've been waiting for this moment to come hahaha... waiting for this moment to come hahaha... and finally!! This episode is not aired in NHK... でも I managed to dl this one だから ほんとう に 幸せ です よ!

To start of, Yayayah, and Jimmy Mackey is there to sing Kibou~ Yell。。。 Hahahaha,,. Its so funny to see Mackey rapping for Kibou~ Yell... hahaha。 Then, NEWS enter the scene na.

そして 草野 の メどリ です。He sang One day, one dream & Hey!和。。。 Hahahaha.... 草野!Man が 覚えてる です よ。Hahaha... I wonder if what will happen if they wore that costume again hahaha, missed it! And honestly, I didnt know that the Start of the song was ”Hand in Hand All of the World" Hohoho... what does that mean? LMAO
Nice performance by 草野 Coz me enjoyed it so much!! *hugs 草野*

つぎ わ ABC です。 They sang リート。
増田 - とまどい ながら
増田、草野 と 手越 - 青の時代
Yayayah- Ikujinashi

Then... a portion where they are showing these stuffs, Ryo's stuff where they are showing these stuffs, Ryo's stuff is not well are showing these stuffs, Ryo's stuff is not well pasted harhar... かわいそう みたい な。Hahahaha... I can hear 手越 Laughing hoho

そして。。。 草野 sOLo again!!! *dies* He sang... JAMI'S ALL MINE!!! Hahaha...  He's really the best in dancing hahaha... Im proud of u 草野!!! Ur really one of my 一番!!!! Ayabyu!!!

そして Jr に Q by 加斗 と 草野 です ^^

そして。。。 あの 御子 は 誰 で SHOW... haha... and MC is Jimmy and Uesato...I wonder why didnt Koyama do the emcee hehe.. And Mr X は Kitayama Hiromitsu Of Kiss my ft 2... から は かわいい こども です よ。Hahaha. 

Next performer is Ryo desu... Another solo from him.. and the title is 強く 心 で 池。

 おろち太鼓 メードり。。。
ABC - おろち太鼓
JJ Express - 元気 を 出して
Kiss my ft2 - おろち太鼓

Hahaahha,,, すごく うれしい な。。。 JJ Express performed again. thats why hahaha.. and they performed Hitomi Shimatani's 元気 を 出して。。。 油と と 伊野 Is the one who sang first then followed by the other members.. The song is really really nice!!! and i like it song is really really nice!!! and i like it than the original version coz this is more ballad... hahaha...
I checked for the lyrics and here is it...
Please dont copy it and post anywhere without my permission.. haha... I hope u understand ne? but... well... no one WiLl take it i guess coz there's not much who cares about JJ Express

Genki wo dashite
元気 を 出して

Namida na do misenai  
涙 な ど 見せない

Tsuyoki na anata wo   
強気 な あなた を

Sonna ni Kanashi  
そんな に 悲し

maseta hito wa dare na no 
ませた 人 は 誰 な の?

Owari Wo sugeta koi ni  
終わリ を 挿げた 恋 に

Sugaru no hayame ni shite 
すがる の はやめ に して

Furi da shi kara 
ふリ だ し から

Mata hajimere wa ii 
また 始めれば いい

Shiawase ni narItai  
幸せ に なリ

Kimochi ga aru nara 
気持ち が ある なら

Ashita wo mitsukeru koto wa totemo kantan 
明日 を 見つける こと は とても 簡単

Sukoshi yaseta sono karada ni 
少し やせた その からだ に

Niau fuku wo sagashite 
似合う 腹 を 探して

Machi He tobi Daseba Hora 
街 へ 飛び だせば ほら

Minna furikaeru   
みんな 振リかえる

Jinsei ni wa anata ga 
人生 に は あなた が

Omou hodo warukunai 
思う ほど 悪くない

Hayaku genki dashite 
早く 元気 出して

Ano egao wo misete  
あの 笑顔 を 見せて

いえい!! Hahaha...

つぎ は 草野 の 手紙 です。

そして NEWS no 真冬 の めがれぼし。。。 

さいご は。。。 WONDERFUL WORLD です!!!! 

Hahaha... Over all, I  This episode!!!
草野 は いい Producer です よ!!! *Hugs*
I hope that Kusano will produce another episode again!!! hahaha... *hearts*
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How Do You ReaLLy Know (my poem for tego)
How do you reaLLy know if you Like someone?
As in how?
Do you feel this queesy feeling inside your stomach?
The kind that makes your whoLe organ jump?
Do you dream about that person?
The kind of dream where the onLy two of you are existing?
Do you think of him at night?
And just lie in bed not knowing what to do?
And you fall into a slumber with a smile?
Because the Last thing that entered in your dream was him...

Every moment isee him is just SO special
EspeciaLLy if its just once in a purpLe moon..
That moment leaves such a scar in my heart
The kind that you want to hold on to forever.
Does he enter your mind when you feel low?
And you just shout out "God, how i wish he could hold me now!"

And you imagined.. and everything's alright...

He smiLes... i smiLe
He Laughs, i get high.
He humms the lyrics, i melt.
He looks at me, i just want to die.
And though i wish i could hold him
Because i know his worLd isn't just sMiLes
And Laughter...
And music in his souL...
Yes i want to hoLd Him..
As Long as possible, as tightly
Until he could let go.. but i cant!

Because he's not there
He's Only there in my dreams.
In reaLity is where he isn't.

Because in reaLity,
he smiles... but the smiLes aren't for me.
he laughs... but not with me.
He hums the Lyrics.. but the song is for someone eLse.

And no matter how hard i try
to think... and dream... and imagine...
That i could hold him close.
I can't! I can't!! coz someone else is...

If i will see him cry, its not me who will dry his tears.
It's someone else and now its me who's crying
And no one, no one's to dry my tears.
But still... all the tears i've cried,
All the hurt and pain...
Could not stop me from dreaming about the smiLe..
The stare, the laughter... the sweet notes on the song.
Because in the hurt, i find a certain happiness.

Although i know that i will never be
The one to dry the tears,
to hear the song, to return the smiLe.

Its aLright..
He will aLways be in my heart, in my mind, Zutto.
And forever he wiLL be, as Long as he's happy, i will be.
And if that's the way of the world, then Let it be.
But it can't stop me from Letting him exist
In here.. In here...

Now, can someone tell me...
How do you know?
【2006/01/05 23:13】 | inspirational stories/ poems | トラックバック(0) | コメント(5)

i wonder why God made people suffer by letting people love the person who cant be with them or the one who isnt for them. If he made people love only the one whose right for them, then there's no one who will suffer anymore, no one will get hurt, and everyone will be happy with their loved one... If God can only let people love the destined one for them, then all of us will live peacefully... without getting hurt by love ne? and all of us will love and be loved in return.... no one will be scared of rejection, and there will be no one - sided love.
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yey... i enjoyed reading horoscopes hahaha...
im Pisces so here's the horoscope for Pisces ^________^

One of the things that matters most to you is keeping your promises. That will go double in early 2006, as a friend will undoubtedly rely on you for something quite important. You've reassured them for months now that they have nothing to worry about, but as soon as the year begins, you'll have a chance to prove that your word truly is your bond.

At the same time -- and straight through mid-March -- you'll also find that several high-ranking, influential coworkers and authority figures will be looking to you to follow through on your word. They may even need a bit more of a commitment from you. Not to worry though. The heavens will be more than happy to help you keep on task, and you'll be rewarded for your honesty, integrity and hard work in a very big way. Sit tight, do everything exactly as you know you should and prepare to experience a wonderful feeling: well-earned, justified pride in yourself.

Obviously, after all that hard work and discipline, you'll be more than ready to have some serious fun -- and the universe has some of that in mind for you too. You'll have all kinds of chances to do some long-distance traveling this year, and if there's any way at all that you can make a reality of one of those trips, don't pass it up. You've probably been itching either to go home for a visit or to return to a place you've always loved. Do it now, and take your favorite travel buddy along. (Just be sure to carry everything you need right on your person, in case of luggage delays or other annoyances.)

If you feel like a relationship is changing -- and not for the worse, so don't worry -- you could well be 100 percent right. Things between you and a certain someone will deepen considerably by the end of the year, if not before. If you don't already have someone in mind, a family member may introduce you to a potential sweetie -- someone they've been telling you is 'just perfect' for you -- around the end of July. You may have to put up with an I-told-you-so after a few weeks, but if things are going along that well, grin and bear it. It will be well worth it when you take a look around you by New Year's and realize that you've got everything you could possibly wish for!

hoho... does that mean i can go to japan na? i hope i can meet tego!!!!!!!!! onegaishimasu uwahh... if i can see him infront of me.. i know i cant do a thing... but i hope i can meet him n the streets... if that happens.. i can only look at him from afar.. sore ga ii na... i cant ask for more... i will always treasure that moment... and honestly.. i'll be happy to die na.. hahaha...

Jupiter, lord of fortune, favours you with expanded horizons and new developments. Study, travel, overseas connections and legal matters will feature until late November. From there, professional or career advancements are in the frame. Saturn invites you to reform your daily routines in accord with the changing demands of work or healthcare. There may be a new workload or new challenges with work for some. The midyear sees a major shift or break with regard to your desires or sense of life direction. You can turn your life around in some way or another. And, of course, revolutionary Uranus still urges you towards new frontiers and a new definition of yourself. Embrace the new and unknown!
Venus the goddess begins in reverse in Aquarius and your solar twelfth house, moving back to Capricorn on Jan 1st. An uncertain start or reorientation may mark the beginning of the year in matters of love or money. You may need to go back over old ground or wait on events or developments to take their course. You may come among old friends or associations for a time. You may return to goals or dreams that you've held in the past. Don't immerse yourself too deeply though. For some, you may find you're only going back to discover there's nothing to go back for. For others, you may renew an old association and begin something again in earnest. For some, health (yours or someone else's) may delay your plans or change them. In the overall, it's time to review what you want from the love and money interests in your life. Go back to the drawing board. Set yourself to wait for what you want or take the time to develop new interests or a new direction. Patience is the key. Partnership issues may resolve themselves if you decide what you want.

On Jun 22nd, the Lunar Nodes move out of Aries and Libra and into Pisces and Virgo. This marks an important shift with partnership matters and close associates. For those in a relationship, there may be changes in the balance of how things work between you. This may be for personal or professional reasons and may mark the end of a cycle in your life together. The balance of independence or initiative may flow towards you in some way. A partner may try another path or move into changed circumstances. You may move in new directions, either from choice or necessity, changing the way your relationship works. For the singles, there may be someone new in your life. Their presence, activities or nature may bring changed conditions with what you do or the way you live. You will need to come to terms with another style of operation or another pattern of needs. For both, matters of health or work related to someone close may affect your life or where you go. Pluto, god of the underworld, puts tension on the Nodes as they shift. This tension climaxes in Oct. The changes that come may mark the end of important cycles. Negotiations, dealings with authority and matters of joint holdings or monies may be reviewed or changed. You will move from one era to another in your partnership life.

hahaha... but too sad to know that i can have health problems i am a weakling huhuhhuhu.... but i really hope that i can go to JAPAN!!!!!!!!!

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GACHIBAKA... a drama where tegoshi and massu will act...
im so happy...

and now... i became more happy...
coz okasan said inoo-chan will act there too..


fin confirmed that inoo-chan will act as Massu's brother and will be shown on 2nd episode onwards i think...

SUGOKU URESHII NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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| ホーム |

<bgsound src="http://www.geocities.com/yuya_jami/Alone.mp3" loop="infinite">

- resha

Author:- resha
weLcome to my bLog ^^


手越 と 草野 と 伊野尾 が だいすき です。
二ッポン も だいすき。
アニメ も。