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Ballroom dancing
Last night, we were scheduled to go to that place and we do ballroom dancing... okashi deshou? hahaha... i went to my friend's house first then we fetch the other two...

Then we are that place already.. sugoku hazukashii na.. coz my friend told me that i should wear spags.. and the other two are wearing spags already.. but theyre not... omg.. huhuhu.. my fats are so obvious coz i really have a very big shoulders huhu...

then we ordered mango juice.. then my friend was asked by one of the D.I. (dance instructors) to dance. Then her father called D.I.s to dance with us too.. then thats where my embarassing moments began.. huhu...

totemo hazukashii na.. coz im too shy to dance.. wahaha.. so i looked like a wall, dancing at the middle of the dance floor hahaha... i really cant move my body... and i feel sorry for the DI coz im not good in dancing hahaha...

then i sitted again coz i told him that i was tired na... then me and my friends chat again... after a few minutes, there was another DI who wants to dance with us, i dont wanna go but my friends pushed me so i went again huhu... then they all dance too..

BUT... on this third DI.. im really uncomfortable coz he was a guy.. the others was gay... i dont wanna dance with a guy coz im not used to ne? then yada!!! when my hands were on his shoulders.. huhu... i can feel his muscles... LOL.. for some girls, they surely love it.. but for me.. im not comfortable with it, i dunNo y.
uwaah... and i feel so dizzy coz i was being turned around so many times huhu.. i almost unbalanced myself hahaha..This guy is ok, not ugly like the others, honestly, my friend had a crush on him haha.. but i dont.

Then i went back again.. my friend ordered some beer for us so we drank it.. then, tada.. we danced so freely na, without being shy hahhaa..

then another DI came to dance with me again.. huhu.. TSUKARETA na!!! i have my limitations yo!! but i cant reject them coz my friend's parents are pushing me to go to... but i want to tell them, can i rest for a bit more? Gosh, theyre killing me!!! huhu

After i got back, i was about to tell my friend that i dont want to dance with that DI again... (the one with muscles) haha.. coz i feel uncomfortable... Then my greatest fear had arrived...
He suddenly went to our place and take me. uwaaaaaahhhh....
then this time, he suddenly became like a police, asked me so many questions.. huhu... he asked for my name and my age, and what school im going to and what course im taking... and he even asked me if im a chinese... and.... i hate the way he stares huhuhu...
Then he asked me to guess what his age is!! Damn it.. i dont like!! and why would i? he asked me three times to guess na.. but im still not answering him.. hahaha... coz why in the world do i have to guess na? then i answered 24.. but he said he was 23.. In my mind "the hell i care... aho!!" uwaahhh.... i dont like these kinds of moments huhu...

then after that.. we are going home already... Thank God i dont have to see his face anymore!!! My friend's uncle drive us home.. so i reached home by 3 am... tsukareta na!! i fell asleep so fast when i lie on my bed.. hahaha..

and now, i didnt go to class.. warui ne?
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hi... i suppose ur name was aya ne? ^^ i visited ur blog.. but dunNo where should i comment hehe.. thanx for visiting mine anyways... thanx ^^

syLvia: thats impossible.. hahaha... i dont want to think of it anymore hahaha... yada ><
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