daisuki da yo ^^
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weird dream
why weird? coz i dreamed of koyama... haha
okasan huh? peace hehe...
i dont know why i dreamed of him last night...
so this is what happened...

im at the plane, going to singapore... then i was taking a pic of me using my. then i was shocked when i saw whose sitting beside me.. it was koyama!!! my heart beats faster... coz i didnt expect that he will be there and he's sitting beside me pa. but im glad that he's sleeping so he didnt see what stupid things im doing haha.. i cant relax anymore, i dunno y... maybe becoz he's beside me lah. then i look like stupid coz i cant look at him straight.. just peeking hahha... then i want to jump out of the plane when he saw me looking at him like an idiot.. my face turned red out of a sudden.. then.

kei-chan: nani?

me: huh? etou... nandemonai desu.

then i seat back and just stare at the window... still dokidoki na.. then i was when he asked me:

kei-chan: ne, ne, why r u looking at me when i was sleeping? ^^

me: huh? no... i wasnt..

kei-chan: uso! mita yo!

me: hahhhh.. maita na.. gomen na.. ano.. anata wa kei-chan desu ne? dakara i was surprised when i saw u here with me.. ahaha

kei-chan: ah, sou ka.. so u know me ne? haha.. im flattered..
oh, namae wa?

me: huh? atashi desu ka? ah.. gomen gomen.. jami desu. ^^
yoroshiku onegaishimasu..

kei-chan: oh.. jami ne? yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^^...

me: ano, nande shingaporu ni ikimasu ka?

kei-chan: ah.. etou.. yasumi dake.. hehe..

me: hitori dake?

kei-chan: hai ^^... anata wa?

me: onaji desu ^^ haha..

kei-chan: sou desu ne.. hehe.. ano... *he points to my celfone*
can i borrow it?

me: huh? hai!

then he took it and look at the pics inside..

kei-chan: ahah! u like taking pictures of urself huh!!

me: no lah.. i just took it coz i want souvenirs..

then i was surprised when he posed and took a pic of himself..

kei-chan: haha.. remembrance yo.

me: wah.. arigatou na ^^

kei-chan.. LOL.. hehe... ii wa yo.. ^^

then the plane will land at singapore already:

kei-chan: oh.. where u gonna stay?

me: i'll stay at the hotel with my friend...

kei-chan: ah.. sou ka...

me: eto, can we have a pic together?

kei-chan: sure ^^

then we posed.. hahaha...

then, we went down the plane together..
and we took pictures together again.. haha
we had fun doing it until we got in the airport..

then, i saw sky and sylvia na.. i went with them already and bid goodbye to kei-chan..
they asked me why i was with kei-chan and i told them the story..
then two days had passed, we were singing at the karaoke then my phone rang.. i went out to answer it.. i didnt know whose calling me coz the no. is not registered.

me: hai?

caller: moshi moshi.. jami desu ka?

me: hai. may i know whose on the line?

caller: u guess... hahaha...

me: i dont wanna guess.. i'll hang na if u dont tell me who u are!

caller: oke, oke... u got mad so easily huh? kei-chan desu ^^

me: huh? kei-chan urself! who are u?

caller: im really kei-chan.. i dialed my no. at ur phone when i borrowed it..

me: eh? doushite?

kei-chan: haha.. nandemonai yo.. gomen ne..

me: ahh... ii yo.. so, y u called me all of a sudden?

kei-chan: do u have time now? im bored.. and i dunno someone here. onegaishimasu ^^

me: huh? ok.. where will we meet?

kei-chan.. at my hotel...

me: ok!!

then i went back and told them that kei-asked me to come and i asked for directions.. then they'll just meet me after..

im infront of the hotel na. i was about to call him but i saw him coming out already..

kei-chan: aiyo!

me: hello ^^

kei-chan: let's go to the underworld lagoon..

me: huh? me have no money na..

kei-chan: daijobu... i'll treat u since i asked u to come with me hehe..

then we go and eat takoyaki too... then i told him i will go tomorrow na...

kei-chan: eehhh?? who will be with me when ur gone? dont go..

me: eh? i cant stay here anymore haha..

kei-chan: eh? u can stay at my hotel... i'll pay for the extra stay at the airport.. just stay with me na..


ahhhhhhhhhhhh.... there's nothing much special so dont kill me lah! haha... my dream is long but not finished... ><
it got cliff hangers hahaha... LOL...
i wish i dreamed of kusano or tego.. why him?
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resha-chan so kawaii. ^-^
Resha-chan wanna come singapore??? ^-^ *hehe* then ur dreams will come true. [I'm talking crap] Ne. nice layout ^-^
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Okie, u can kill me when you reach Singapore cos I didn't know you change your blog, hahaha!! I want JE dream too, one that I can rememeber!! Recently keep forgetting na~
Can't wait to see you in Singapore!! (^_^)
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